An inch.  For some, it seems too close.  For him, it was a million miles away.  To be that close.  His finger, to hers, just an inch, but yet they didn’t touch.  If only.

         “Cheers!’ they all said in unison, touching their shot glasses.  So close.

         To understand how connected they were, but knowing, in this life, it might not be.  Torture.  He’d been tortured before.  He’d had his guts spilled out in front of the town in a previous lifetime, but still, it was nothing to what he felt now.  To stay silent, to live in the shadows.  Why did he agree to this?  It didn’t make any sense.  Was this just some silly game.  Some silly fantasy?

         Maybe, this lifetime was proof.  Sure, you love me, prove it!  But, not from Her.  Maybe, from others.  But, not from Her.

        She understood Love.  You can’t prove Love.  You can’t show Love.  You can only BE Love.  She was the teacher and He was the student, and a terrible student at best.  She was patient, allowing him to fumble around this lifetime.  He was selfish, thinking he knew better; he didn’t.  But he did become grateful.  He finally learned about Love.  Tue Love.  Unconditional Love.  Unselfish Love.

        A Love, he couldn’t share with Her.  A Love that he could only take and share with the rest of the world since he couldn’t share it with Her.

        Maybe that was Her plan the entire time.  She knew the world needed it, and that He was willing to do it.  That was their purpose from the beginning.  Not the beginning of this lifetime, but the beginning of this physical existence.

        She smiled at him as their shot glasses touched, but he barely noticed, too scared to look her way.

        She was Love.  No, She is Love.  She was the One that made him feel whole; that made him feel complete, that made him feel safe.  So close, but yet, so far away.

        Her eyes, her smile, her beauty, her essence.  Songs, poems, stories, and movies have been written about Her, but words do not do Her justice.  Music begs to be in Her presence; wants to fall on Her ears, if only, for a moment, to put a smile on Her face.

        Daily, the birds sing about Her beauty, the sun shows off Her Love.  And he, only hopes that She knows how much he loves Her.  She knows that he listens to their songs, feels the sun on his face, and only thinks about Her.  Only, feels Her.  Only, wants to be with Her.

        And every day, instead of feeling down, instead of feeling hopeless he takes the Love he has for Her and shares it with the world, with his daughters, with his friends, with the strangers he meets, with the people who piss him off; he wishes nothing but happiness, health, and love for the entire world.

        If he can’t give it to Her, then at least, he can give it to the world.  And, She would want nothing less. 

        Both of them, together, make the world a better place.

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