They stood only a foot apart.  “Put your hands up like this.”  He held his hands up about chest-high with his palms facing towards her.  She held her hands up a few inches away from his.  They stared into each other’s eyes.  Their energy was vibrating at such a high frequency that it shook the entire room.

         “Feel that?” he asked.  She nodded in reply, her lips slightly opening as if to let out a small moan.  They stood there for what seemed like an eternity, allowing each other’s energy to wash all over their bodies, fighting the temptation to physically touch each other.

         Then, she did it.  She pressed her palms against his.  It was like thunder without sound.  It shook the entire World, the entire Universe.  Time stood still, if only for a moment, and in that moment, only one thing existed – Love.  The love between two souls.  A love that had no beginning and no end.

         They stood there, palms touching, staring into the depths of each other’s eyes.  The air seemed to crackle with all the energy radiating from their bodies; radiating from two souls finally being reunited in this lifetime.  The past and future blended into that moment, revealing the truth that time and space don’t exist, that they are merely an illusion.  He could see the light of her soul through her eyes, and she, his.  The veil had been torn away; the game of hide and seek was over.

         Now that the veil had been removed and his soul realized it was in the presence of its twin, with palms still touching, he stepped closer, removing the space between.   His chest pressed up against her breasts, their forearms folded onto each other, sending an unimaginable sensation throughout their bodies; their lips only a few inches away, but still too far apart.  He let his right hand slide off of hers and onto her shoulder, working its way down to the small of her back.  He pulled her in closer.

         They stared longingly into each other’s eyes, slowly moving their lips towards their first kiss, eagerly awaiting the physical expression of their souls, but not rushing anything; for there is nothing like the first kiss, especially between soul mates, as it is forever imprinted on them.

         He took his left hand and gently placed it on the back of her head as their lips finally touched.  The softness of her lips against his was pure ecstasy.  The intensity of their kiss slowly increased as the passion between their souls was released into one another.  It was as if they were having an in-body and out-of-body experience at the same time.  He could feel her body pressed up against his, their arms holding each other in a tight embrace, their lips expressing the pure love they held for each other, and yet, their souls were off somewhere far away, folding in and out of each other in a blissful dance of union.

         They finally broke free from their magical interlude and stared into each other’s eyes once more.  From that point forward, they both realized that they were whole, that no matter what came between them, their love would always bring them back together.

         So, it is written.

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