Jack & Jill

         She kept showing up in his dreams, holding him in a long embrace, letting him know that he was loved and adored, that he didn’t have to worry.  She was there for him, she always had been, and she always would be.

         She was absolutely beautiful, and it felt so good to be held by her, to allow her love to wash all over him.  He ached to kiss her, but, how could he?  This couldn’t be.  She couldn’t be.  They couldn’t be.  It was forbidden.

         He couldn’t stand it anymore.  He had to taste her lips.  He didn’t care about the consequences.  Why should they be apart any longer?  They were meant to be.  Everything that had happened in both of their lives, to finally find each other.  It wasn’t serendipity, it was destiny.

         He looked into her eyes and could feel her soul pulling him in, letting him know that it was ok.  He let his lips break free from each other and slowly leaned in.  She did the same, their eyes locked onto each other.

         He could feel the softness of her lips, even though they hadn’t touched, slowly moving in, giving in to temptation, turning the world upside-down…

         Jack was abruptly woken up by his alarm.  Fuck!  I was so close.  Why am I so scared to give into my dream?  Why does she keep showing up?  This is stupid, Jack.  Let it go. 

         Jack turned off his alarm, got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.  His morning routine was starting to get easier.  He had only been separated from his wife for three months now.  At first, the loneliness made him sad; moving through life without her was depressing.  All he wanted was for her to be is Soul Mate.  Why, then, wasn’t she?  Why was the Universe ripping them apart?

         His life was a wreck.  He couldn’t make heads or tails of anything.  Why was Jill showing up in his dreams as his Soul Mate, but in his physical reality, all he wanted was his wife to be It?  It didn’t make any sense.

         Jack felt like he was swimming upstream.  He could see where he wanted to go, but the current was so strong he couldn’t reach it, and he was beginning to wear out. 

        Jesus, Jack, maybe your beliefs in manipulating your physical existence and manifesting your destiny is all a bunch of bullshit!  You’ve been saying the same affirmations and doing the same visualizations for some time now and the Universe hasn’t conspired to do shit for you!  If the Law of Attraction is real, then wouldn’t you expect to start seeing some kind of results?  Because it looks like the harder and harder you try, the further and further away you are getting from what you want.

        Jack was at a crossroads in his life.  Nothing seemed to be going his way.  Everything was a struggle, and now, his complete belief system was crashing down all around him.  Where do I go from here?

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