I’m a recovering CPA attempting to become a writer. 

I’ve founded several companies over the years: SideCars Inc – an accounting firm specializing in Reinsurance (Reinsurance?  Never heard of it); WiseApp Inc – a mobile gaming company (Furballs, my favorite Failure of all time); and Infuxn Kitchen + Cocktails – beautifully orchestrated food, paired with handcrafted cocktails (I used to think the restaurant business was the hardest thing I’d ever done…wrong!).

So, if I’m a serial entrepreneur, then why am I becoming a writer? 

There comes a time in everyone’s life that they begin to seek out their divine path.  And in the throes of searching for myself, writing found me.

Who would have thought? 

Not my English teachers!  If any of them stumble upon this website, their first reaction has got to be: Are you shitting me?  Les Olson, a writer?!? 

You see, in high school, my spelling, grammar, and vocabulary were fucking awful!  Not much has changed since then, as evident by this website, but I’m not going to let it stop me. 

Nope, you get to watch me struggle, grow, fall down and pick myself back up, while I figure this out 500 crappy words at a time.

The Muse has found me and I am in Love

But there’s a problem, a big problem to be exact: She has an overbearing, narcissistic, asshole of a boyfriend…Resistance!