“This is all your fault!” yelled Linda.

         “Mom, how is this my fault?  I wasn’t even here!  I was spending the night at my friend’s house,” replied Jessica.

         “If you loved me, you would have been here instead of at your friends!”

         Jessica stood staring at her mother, absorbing her mother’s outrage like a lightning rod.  She had just returned home from her friend’s house to find their dog had chewed up her mother’s brand new $800 pair of glasses.

         “I’m sorry mom.”

         “You’re not sorry, Jessica!  No one is sorry!  No one cares about me!  Nobody loves me!  You’re just a selfish little bitch, who doesn’t give a shit about anyone, except herself!  Now, give me your phone and go to your room!”

         Jessica handed her phone over to her mother, tears starting to well in her eyes, and headed to her bedroom.

         “Give me your phone too!” Linda shouted at little Sally.

         “But mom, I already gave you my phone yesterday.”

         “Then give me your iPad!”

         Sally stood terrified, looking at her mother.  “Mom, I gave that to you too.”

         “Then go to your room and don’t come out until I say you can!”

         Little Sally ran to her room, tears streaming down her face, her heart full of sorrow.  She threw herself on her bed and balled into her pillow, wishing the pain would go away, that her mother would go away.  Why is she like this?  Doesn’t she love me?  Doesn’t she love my sister?  Why would a mommy treat her daughters this way?

         Jessica laid on her bed, listening to her little sister sob in the next room.  She felt awful.  They were both living in an eternal hell, alone in their separate rooms, without the ability to even comfort each other.  Tears continued to roll down Jessica’s face.

         Without delay, the pungent smell of marijuana wafted through the house and into the girl’s bedrooms.  Their mother’s continual state of self-medication was both a blessing and a curse.  Jessica and Sally cursed the vile weed because it was the only way their mother would cope with her mental condition.  But it was also a blessing because their mother’s behavior became more tolerable under the influence of the substance.

         Jessica and Sally laid on their beds, their hearts full of pain and sorrow from the cruelty of their mother.  Why God?  Why us?  Are we so bad that You must continually punish us?  Their thoughts were in unison.  The pain continued to build up in each of their hearts, vibrating at the exact same frequency, building, and building until it became uncontrollable.  And then the most unusual thing happened…thunder without sound…as if a silent bomb exploded, sending waves loving energy rippling throughout the Universe.

         What in the world was that? Jessica and Sally both thought.

         Jessica sat up in her bed.  That was weird.

         I know, Sally thought.

         Wait! Jessica sat perplexed.  Sally, did you just answer my thought?

         I…I guess so, Sally replied in her mind.

         Sally, if you can hear my thoughts, then knock twice on your bedroom wall.

         Jessica sat on her bed, staring at her bedroom wall, waiting.

         ‘Knock, knock.’


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