He bought her flowers every week.  He never told her they were for her, but they were.  She never realized the significance of the flowers; what they represented.  Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid.  Sometimes, magic hides in the silence of words unspoken.

         Every day those flowers made a special place in his heart for her.  Every time he looked at the flowers, he saw her, he felt her; felt her in his heart, felt her in his soul.  They were a constant reminder.  A reminder of her beauty, a reminder of their love, a reminder of how precious life can be, and a reminder of how short-lived it all is.

         He bought her flowers every week.  Even after she left.

         That special place didn’t die, it grew.  It grew with each new day; it grew with each new breath.  It filled his heart with hope, with love, and with joy.  And since he never spoke of it, the magic continued to do its work; to cultivate his heart, to make room for the love that was to come.  Because when you love someone; love someone so much, so unselfishly, love has no choice but to return. 

        The love you give attracts the love you will receive.  It’s the law of the Universe.  He knew this; he had always known it.  But he also knew that it didn’t mean the love was necessarily going to come back from her, just that it was going to return; that’s where the magic lies.  The magic lies within love itself; not within forcing it on someone.  Forcing it on someone isn’t love, it’s fear, and even though he was scared in his mind, he made no room for it in his heart.

        On days when he felt down or lonely, all he had to do was look at the flowers and they brightened his day.  Brightened his day with their beauty.  Brightened his day by touching the special place in his heart.  He drew upon the flowers, drew upon the strength of knowing that true love exists.  They were a gift, a gift from the Universe; a gift that was always short-lived.

        And when it was time to say goodbye, he didn’t just toss them away; no, his heart wouldn’t let him do that, for he understood the sacrifice that was made, the sacrifice that was made to bring beauty into his life, to bring magic into this life.  He honored their sacrifice; honored their sacrifice by gently placing them on the ground around a special tree, which was also a special place, a special place for both of them.  He thanked them for their sacrifice, let them know that it wasn’t in vain; that they created a special place in his heart, that their gift would live in him forever, and he would honor that sacrifice by giving all his love, all his soul, all of himself, back to the world.

        He bought her flowers every week.  He bought her flowers today.

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