The Library

         Fascinating! Winston thought as he flipped through the large leather-bound book.  He had always been enthralled by all the different gods found in Greek Mythology.  He would find himself daydreaming about the gods and what it would be like to have lived back then.

         Winston sat at the long, dimly lit, library table with several books on Greek Mythology strewn about.  It was just him, his books and his imagination.  He was fully engrossed in a book on the god, Hermes when he was startled by a hand patting him on the shoulder.  Winton nearly jumped out of his seat.

         “So sorry to startle you, Winston,” Mrs. Johnson said. 

Mrs. Johnson had been the librarian for as long as Winston could remember.  “I just came across this book and thought you might find it interesting.”

         Mrs. Johnson handed Winston a post-it note with the name of the book, “Tyche, The Ever Elusive,” and where it was located in the library.

         “Oh, thank you, Mrs. Johnson!” Winston said enthusiastically, as he took the post-it note from her delicate hand.  “I haven’t been able to find many books on Tyche.  I can’t wait to read it!”

         “Winston, you know I love your enthusiasm for books, but why don’t you go outside and play with your friends?  It’s a beautiful summer day.  Can’t your fascination with Greek Mythology wait until school starts back up in August?”

         “I don’t have any friends,” replied Winston.  “Plus, I’m not any good at sports, I don’t like to swim, and I sunburn easily.”

         “Oh, you poor thing,” said Mrs. Johnson, as she patted Winston on the head.  “Let me know if you need any help finding that book.”

         “Thank you, Mrs. Johnson, but I think I know this library better than anybody,” he said.  “Well, that is, except for you!” Winston corrected himself with a sheepish grin.  Mrs. Johnson gave Winston a kind smile in return and headed back to her desk.

         Winston took the post-it note and headed towards the back of the library to retrieve his new treasure.  He took his time walking down the rows of different books, reading some of the titles as he passed them by.  He was almost to the right section when he noticed a door at the end of the row.  That’s odd.  I don’t remember ever seeing that door before. 

         Winston walked past the section where his book was located and headed to the door.  He grabbed the doorknob and turned it.  Locked, oh well.  He walked back to the section to find his book.  He scanned all over but couldn’t locate it.  Damn, where is it?  He slowed down, starting at the very top, scanning left to right, then down to the next row, repeating the methodical process.  Still, no luck.

         Winston began scanning one more time, reading each title out loud to himself when he heard a ‘click’ of what sounded like a door ‘squeaking’ open on its hinges.  What the hell?  Winston looked towards the door and noticed it had opened inward a few inches, nothing but darkness in the background.

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