The Silence

Something wasn’t right, he could feel it.  It was just supposed to be a weekend trip with her friends, but in the silence, he could tell it was something more

In the silence, your mind starts to fuck with you; that’s when the fear creeps in and starts releasing its poison. 

Once the poison has been released, then the pain starts to set in.  The pain can be blinding at times, but then it recedes, like the waves of the ocean, in and out; but it never goes away, it just sits there in the pit of your stomach, slowly eating you away from the inside out.  Death is inevitable.  The death of your relationship, the death of what once was.

In the throes of the pain, he started to attach to the relationship, like it was his lifeforce.  The attachment brought on even more pain; it paralyzed him.  All he could do was lay there in agony, waiting on death to overtake him, to take him away from the hell he was living in.

His breathing became slow and labored as he continued to wait in the silence.  Thoughts of the past came rushing back; all the great times they shared together, the twinkle in her eyes when she looked at him, that certain smile that was only for him, the tenderness of her embrace, the love for him that lived in her heart.

The pain of the past was almost unbearable; his mind kept running around searching for more and more precious moments he could use to torment himself, moments he took for granted.  He wanted the pain to stop, so he tried to think about all the bad times, all the horrible ways she treated him, all the mean things she said, but it didn’t work.  He had already forgiven her for those.

He laid there, watching his heart being ripped out of his chest and slowly torn to tiny pieces right in front of his eyes.  Tears streamed down his face; he tried to yell out in defiance of the pain, but nothing came out.  His whole body started trembling from the intensity of it all; he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Finally, he saw Death approaching.  He was scared at first, he wanted to get up and run away, but he was paralyzed from the fear.  

When Death finally made Her way by his side, he realized that Death wasn’t what he expected; no, She wasn’t scary, She was beautiful.  She walked up to him; her face was kind, her eyes full of love.  She gently knelt down and whispered in his ear, “Everything is going to be ok.”

Slowly, the pain started to fade away.  His vision became clearer; colors he’d never seen before were radiating all around him, filling his heart full of love.  His hearing was perfect, no more ringing, no more muffled tones.  The sounds were sweet music to his ears, comforting his soul.

Death looked tenderly into his eyes, and reached out her hand, “Are you ready?”

He sat up without saying anything and looked around one last time at their world that once was.  He gave her a nod, stood up, and gently took her hand. 

The instant their hands touched, he realized he was dead, but death didn’t feel like anything he’d ever imagined it to be either.

That’s because just as soon as he died, he was immediately Reborn.

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