Let’s Go Fly a Kite

It was a beautiful spring day; clouds drifted effortlessly through the sky, playing peek-a-boo between the sun and Timmy’s smiling face.  He was so happy.  This was the first decent day of spring and his parents had brought him to his favorite place in the country to have a picnic. 

Timmy stood in the middle of the field, flying his kite, while his parents sat on blanket, under the huge oak tree, acting like love-struck teenagers.  The air was still cool as it whipped through the field, but the sun’s rays kept Timmy feeling warm all over.  What a perfect day.

Timmy glanced back at his parents to make sure they were still there watching him when a gust of wind grabbed ahold of the kite and ripped the spool of twine out of Timmy’s hands.  Oh, no! 

Timmy started chasing the spool of twine as it bounced up and down the country field, running away as fast as it could, like an escapee, breaking out of prison.

He almost had the spool in his hands, when he suddenly tripped over a half-buried rock hidden in the grass.  Crap!  Timmy got back onto his feet and started chasing the spool again.  He looked up at the kite, noticing it was headed to a wooded area not too far ahead.  Oh, please don’t get caught up in the trees!  Timmy thought as he watched his kite fly further and further away from him.

Timmy slowed his pace when a pain in his side began to take ahold of him.  He watched his kite fly over the woods, and then take a nose-dive down and out of sight; the “escapee,” now trapped, with nowhere to run.

He could see his kite dangling down in the middle of the woods.  The sun was still bright, yet its rays still had a hard time penetrating the darkness of the wooded area, giving it a spooky feeling. 

Timmy stood at the front of the woods, gathering the courage to brave whatever might be hiding behind the trees, took a deep breath, then walked in to apprehend the escapee.

Luckily, the kite’s tail was just within reach of his outstretched hands.  Timmy stood on his tippy toes, reaching for the tail and finally grabbed it.  He gently pulled the kite out of the tree. 

The string was a lost cause, entangled throughout the trees, so he bit the twine in half with his teeth, took his kite, and left the string for the trees.

What were you thinking?  Timmy scolded his kite, as he began walking back.  He could see the top of the huge oak tree in the distance popping up over a small hill he had just run down. 

When Timmy reached the top of the hill he could see the blanket and food laid out for the picnic, but not his parents.  Maybe they had to get something out of the car. 

“Mom.  Dad,” Timmy shouted, as he rounded the hill.  There was no answer.

“Mom.  Dad,” Timmy shouted again.

Timmy looked towards the car, but he didn’t see his parents there.

“Mom.  Dad!”

Panic began to grip Timmy, as he dropped his kite and started running towards the huge oak tree.  “Mom!  Dad!” Timmy shouted.

When he reached the oak, his parents weren’t there.  He ran to the car, but his parents weren’t there either.  “Mom!  Dad!”

Timmy ran back to the oak tree, screaming, “Mom!  Dad!”  Tears streamed down his face, his worst fears finally coming true.

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