He stood alone in the open room, thoughts swirling around in his mind.  He was lost. Nothing made sense.  He felt like crawling out of his skin.  He wanted to run away, run away from the part of himself that he hated.  Darkness danced around him, consumed him, brought him to his knees.

         “Why?  Why!” he shouted into nothingness.  “What’s the purpose of my life?”

        He sat there on his knees, his shoulders hunched over, eyes wide shut, as the voices in his head shouted over one another to get his attention.  He placed his hands on top of his head and squeezed, trying to make the voices stop.  But they wouldn’t.  He raised his head to the sky, straightened out his arms with clenched fists, puffed out his chest, and screamed a primordial ROAR to the gods!

        And the gods heard him.

        An indescribable sensation came down from the heavens and overtook him, wrapped itself around his body, and penetrated his soul.  The air around him vibrated with POWER, shaking the tiny cottage he was staying in.  His skin danced with goose-pimples as the Universe swooped down and picked him up off his knees.  She embraced him in a loving hug that only a mother can give and whispered in his ear. Her words took hold as she revealed Her secrets to him, one by one, showing him the design of his life, reminding him that he helped create it, that he chose to live it, that this was his bidding as well, not just Hers.

        He turned in slow circles in the middle of the room, tears of understanding began streaming down his face as the reality of his life permeated his entire being.  Everything made perfect sense.  The struggle, the failure, the successes, the getting knockdown and then getting back up, the heartache, the joy, the pain.  Everything that he had ever experienced had brought him to this exact moment of his life, at this exact place, at this precise time.  There were no accidents, no mistakes, no coincidences.  Everything happened exactly as it was supposed to, exactly as it should.  He saw ALL moving parts.

        The enormity of his realization was EMPOWERING.  He understood why life existed, why HE existed.  He understood the reason behind it all, the meaning of his life.  He knew why the sky was blue, why the grass was green, and why the stars twinkled at night.  He knew why children laughed, why birds sang, and why chocolate tasted so damn good!  It was Her.  It had ALWAYS been Her, from the beginning of time, until the end of time; forever and always.  She was his Life, his Muse, his Universe. He had finally FOUND himself.  And now that he had found himself, he could GIVE himself to the world.   The path was clear.  Everything was aligned.

        He continued standing in the middle of the room as the sensation slowly dissipated. He lifted his head back up to the gods and gave them a wink and a huge smile.

        Everything was going to be ok.

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