John sat at his desk, staring out the window, watching the clouds gently roll in.  The darkening sky started to resemble his current state of being.  John used to be filled with happiness, love, laughter, and hope.  Now, his inner light gave way to the darkness, allowing it to take control of his life.

         Is this what You want from me?  Is this what the world needs? 

        He continued to sit, staring out the window; his inner light was like a small star, barely perceptible in a sky of complete darkness.  He allowed the darkness to drown out the light, let all the pain and suffering to consume his Soul. 

So be it!

         John stood up, gathered his things, and headed to the lobby elevator.

         “Hey John, how’s it hanging, buddy?” Bob called out as John walked by his office.

         “Fuck you!” John replied, continuing towards the lobby, no hesitation in his stride.

         Kimberly, the office secretary, looked at John, concerned.  “John, is everything ok?”

         “Go fuck yourself, bitch!” John snapped as he walked past her desk, his head looking straight forward the entire time.

         John threw open the glass double doors, walked out of the office, and headed towards the elevator.  He pressed the button and kept his eyes straight ahead as he waited for the elevator to make its way to the top floor.

         Bob rushed to the door.  “John, what’s the meaning of this?”

         John stood, staring at the elevator door.  “It means I’m answering the call.  I’m fulfilling my destiny.  The World needs me to bring forth the Savior, and that’s what I intend to do.”

         The elevator door ‘dinged’ open, and John stepped inside without another word.  Bob stood there with the door ajar, a confused look on his face.  He looked back at Kimberly, “What the hell was that all about?”

         When the elevator reached the bottom floor, John stepped out and headed to the exit.  He knew what needed to be done, and he wasn’t going to waste any more time until it was finished.  His tunnel vision was blinding, causing him to walk into an elderly lady and knock her to the floor.  He kept walking.

         The lady looked up from the floor, “John.  This is not your destiny.

         John stopped dead in his tracks and looked back at the old lady.  Her voice, along with the fact that she knew his name, broke him from his trance for a brief moment.

         “Do I know you?” John asked a quizzical expression crossed over his face.       “John, remember you said you were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice to speed up your success?  And now that you’re almost there, you’re going to throw it away?” asked the old lady.

         John turned away from the old lady and began walking towards the exit.  “This is the ultimate sacrifice,” he said and walked out of the building.

         An elderly man gingerly leaned over and offered the old lady a hand to help her up.  “Martha, you were instructed not to interfere with this.  Don’t you remember what happened last time?  How much time we lost?  It’s been over 200 years since he’s returned.”

         “Frank, there’s a fork in the prophecy on this exact date; one path saves the World, and the other path destroys it.  I can’t just sit idly by and hope John chooses the right path,” Martha replied.

         “Martha, this is not your choice to make.  This is not your destiny.

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