The Magician

         Then all of a sudden, everything became perfectly clear.  It was as if he were building a puzzle that had no picture, but once he fit that final piece into its place the picture presented itself.  Oh my god!  Oh my god!  OH MY GOD!!

         Everything, from his early childhood trauma, to his lost Loves, to all his business failures.  All the blood, sweat, and tears.  All the long hours, the sacrifices, the struggle of it ALL.  All of the dots along his lifetime started to connect, making a picture of absolute beauty and love.  It was as if the Universe were whispering into his ear, revealing all of Her secrets, showing him how the Magic trick worked.

         A huge smile began to spread across his face as the picture of his life became clearer and clearer.  The further he moved away from the picture, the more the space between the dots blurred into lines connecting them, and the more perfect the picture became.  An overwhelming sense of Love began to flow through him.  Every one of the cells in his body began vibrating at such a high frequency, he felt as if he were floating.

         He closed his eyes and allowed the sensation to consume his body.  He was at peace with himself and everything around him.  He was at peace with the Universe.  Now that the Magician had revealed Her trick, he wasn’t going to sit idly by.  No, he was going to take what he had just learned and apply to everything he did in his life.  From this moment forward, he was going to allow himself to live in a world full of magic, awe, and excitement.  He was never looking back.  He had now become the Magician.

         Deep down inside, he knew he had always been the Magician; he had just forgotten.  He remembered as a young child the Magic that flowed from within and how beautiful and easy it was to perform, but then came the day that he had forgotten.  He had never wanted to remember anything from that day, and so, he didn’t.  He had forgotten everything; everything about that day and everything before it, including who he truly was and the power that resided within.

         Now, though, he understood why that dreadful day had happened; the significance of it all.  And with that understanding came back everything that he had forgotten!  Every little dot in his life had led him to where he was now, to where he was going, and to what he was becoming

        He was awake, wide awake!  He was full of energy, excitement, love, and knowing.  His power was fully restored; his vibrational frequency fully aligned.  Now, he could wield his magic effortlessly, like a pianist whose notes flowed from her muse through her fingertips bringing joy, beauty, and happiness to the world.

        Now was his time.  His time to share his muse with the world.  His time to perform his magic


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