By Design

         “What the fuck are we doing here?”

         “Look, you’re the one who wanted to eat lunch at ‘The Crazy Chicken’,” said Jack, as he took a bite of his The Other Side chicken sandwich.

         “No dumbass.  I mean, what the fuck are we doing on this godforsaken planet?” asked Dave.

         “Well, right now, I’m eating this chicken sandwich and wondering what the hell has got you asking such a crazy question,” said Jack.

         “This life doesn’t make any sense to me.  You’re always telling me that we design this life before we get here.  Then why the hell would I make my life so goddamn difficult?”

         Jack took a sip of his Diet Coke and started to answer, but Dave cut him off.

         “If we’re all part of a Collective Consciousness, and we created life on earth, then why would we make it so hard?  Why wouldn’t we make it easy?  You know, like having 20-hour workweeks, never worrying about money, having the ability to understand women.”

         “Ha!” said Jack, a big grin spread across his face.  He stared hard into Dave’s eyes, capturing his complete attention.  “What if, indeed, we have designed life to be easy?”

         “Well, if we have designed life to be easy, then why is my life so fucking difficult?” asked Dave.

         Jack took another sip of his Diet Coke and looked back up at Dave.  “Here’s another way to think of it.  What if we created this physical dimension so that whatever we think, actually becomes our reality?”

         “What do you mean?” asked Dave.

         “Well, if you think life is easy, then it becomes easy.  If you think life is hard, then it becomes hard.  Life could be a dance, it could be a game, a movie, heaven or hell.  Life could be whatever you wanted it to be, all you had to do was think of it as such, and it would become as such.”

         “Why would we create a world like that?”

         “Because, Dave, if we created a place like that, then we could live our lives any way we wanted.  There wouldn’t be any boundaries.  Think of the possibilities.  In a world like that, all of us could design our lives any way we wanted, then come and live them out here on earth, and we would all be playing by the same rules.”

         “Then why the hell would I design my life to be so goddamn difficult?”  “Maybe you didn’t,” said Jack.


         “Maybe you didn’t,” responded Jack again.  “Just think about pain in general.  Why do we feel pain?”

         “I don’t know, Jack.  Why don’t you enlighten me?”

         “Maybe we feel pain so our attention is brought to it and we can do something about it.  For instance, if we cut ourselves, then our attention is brought to the pain of the cut so we can mend it.  Without pain, we might not be able to notice we need to do something until it was too late.”

         Dave sat across the table, letting what Jack just said sink in.

         “So, what you’re trying to tell me, is that the pain I’m currently feeling from my life is the Universe trying to get me to pay attention to what I’m doing?”

         “Possibly,” replied Jack.  “What if we design our lives to have a certain experience here on earth and if we start to deviate from our original design, then the pain we feel is just the Universe gently trying to get us back on track?”

         “Fuck me,” said Dave.

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