The Day

         They sat across from each other, chit-chatting lightly about life before they got down to business.  A small table sat between them.  Neither one of them knew what was about to unfold that morning, but that table was going to make them feel too far apart by the end of their meeting.  The space between.

         He always enjoyed talking to her.  Their conversations always felt so effortless, so carefree.  Once they finished their informalities, she turned the discussion to the matter at hand.

         “This just isn’t working out for me anymore.  I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me, but my heart, my soul is telling me I should be doing something different with my life.”

         “Are you telling me that you’re quitting?” he asked.

        “I’m sorry, but yes.”

        “Why didn’t you say something to me sooner?  I could have made some changes; I would have done anything you wanted to keep you here.”

        “I know you would have,” she replied.  “That’s why I couldn’t tell you.  I didn’t want the pressure of staying.  This is something I HAVE to do.”

        They sat in silence, staring at each other.  He could sense the tension building up within her.

        “And there’s something else…”

        He could feel the energy vibrating within her, then start to radiate outside of her body filling up the space between.  It made its way across the table; he could feel it touching his skin.  He started to blurt out…I feel the same way!  But before he could get the words out of his mouth, she said, “I have feelings for you…”

        It was like thunder without the sound.  A huge ball of energy shot out from her and slammed into him, enveloping his whole being.  It gave him goosebumps all over his body.  He had never experienced anything like that before.  He sat there, letting the energy wash over him.  He had never felt so alive, so loved.  He knew right there and then that he loved her with all of his soul.  He looked for the courage to respond but couldn’t.

        “I’ve felt this way for some time now,” she said.  “I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve always felt connected to you like everything I’ve gone through in this life was to bring me directly to you.”

        He sat there, taking it all in.  His mind was awhirl, and his heart was soaring.  He knew it to be true, he had always felt the same way, but he knew he could never act upon it.  But she could.  And she did.  She was brave.  She was powerful

        She had taken her power and ripped the veil separating them, allowing them to finally awaken to what had been sitting right in front of them for the past several years – two beautiful souls that had loved each other from the beginning of time and had finally found each other once again in this time-space reality.

        At that moment, there was no need for any more words.  They could sense everything, feel everything between them.  They sat there, embracing the moment.  The space between had finally been removed.  But not the small table.

        Now, the small table felt like a mile long, keeping them away from the long embrace that they had been born to give each other.  The embrace where they could just melt into each other’s arms, each other’s bodies, each other’s souls, and finally feel complete once more.

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