They stood in front of a full-length mirror.  He was slightly behind her and to the side, but they were both fully exposed, both naked.  There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  There was no need to.

         They stood there, vulnerable, exposing their perceived imperfections to each other.  But there were no imperfections, only beauty; that’s what he saw when he looked at her.  Beauty.  Perfection.  Love.

         “Look at how beautiful you are,” he whispered into her ear.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  He watched her look at herself.  “Your body is an absolute masterpiece.”  He could feel the energy in her body vibrate as she stood there looking, allowing his words to ring true, if only for a brief moment.

         “Don’t ever think of yourself as anything less than perfection.  Because it’s what you are, it’s who you are.  It starts from the inside and then works its way out.  Everything you see in front of you is a direct reflection of your soul.  All of the beauty.  All of the wonder.  All of the love.” 

        He continued staring at her in the mirror, allowing the essence of her soul to come out from behind all the negative self-talk she told herself day in and day out.  He could see the light of her soul shine through as his words took hold, tearing down her walls.  There was no need to hide anymore.

        The intensity of her light radiated throughout her body, brightening up the room.  He could feel her soul vibrating love; love for him, love for herself, and love for the world.  He was in complete awe of her love, of the beauty standing before him.  At that moment, he felt complete; whole.  He knew he was in the presence of his soul’s twin.  It was the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced in his life.

        She looked at his eyes in the mirror, taking her in, breathing her in.  She could see the love for her in those beautiful, blue eyes of his.  She could feel his soul embracing hers in a love that had no beginning and had no end.  She had never felt so alive, so beautiful, so loved.

        She turned towards him and looked up into his eyes.  They stood staring into the depths of each other’s souls, allowing their love for one another to fill the room.  Neither the past nor the future mattered anymore.  The only thing that existed was now, that very moment, standing before each other, proclaiming their love without words.  There was no need for them.

        He slowly took her by the hands, allowing their energy to flow through each other’s bodies; their eyes still locked into each other’s soul.  Then he brought her body into his.  Their stomachs touched.  She laid her head on his chest as their arms gently wrapped around each other in a loving embrace.  She let out a soft sigh.

       Souls reunited, forever and always.

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