“Do you ever think about other dimensions?” Bobby asked Steve and Larry, as they sat in their usual spot in the corner of the library.

         “You mean like Heaven and Hell?” replied Steve.

         “No, not like heaven and hell.  I’m not talking about a religious sense, I’m talking beyond that.”

         Larry and Steve looked at Bobby with quizzical expressions on their faces.  “What do you mean?” asked Larry.

         “Well, we’re living in a physical dimension right now, right?”  Steve and Larry both nodded their heads in agreement.  “So, when we die and leave this physical body behind, we have to go to another dimension, right?”

         “Yeah, if you’re good, then you go to heaven, but if you’re little ‘fucks’ like us, then you’re going to hell!” said Steve, bringing a chuckle to both Larry and himself.

         Bobby sat there straight-faced.  “Come on Steve, you know the religious structures of heaven and hell were created to control the people.  Think beyond that.  If there’s a physical dimension, then there has to be a non-physical dimension as well.  Plus, there’s probably some alternatives in between.  You know, like hot and cold.  You have two different extremes with variations existing along the temperature line.”

         “Ok, I kind of see the correlation you’re trying to describe,” said Larry.

         “Well, in physics class, we were discussing quantum physics and how it relates to our world and the Universe, and the effect it has on everything.  This physical dimension we are currently experiencing is basically just a bunch of energy vibrating at a certain frequency.  You know, like a radio station picks up particular airwaves based on its frequency.  The different radio station airwaves exist at the same time, overlapping each other, but we only experience the particular airwaves we have our radio dialed into.”

         Steve and Larry leaned in with more interest, allowing their imaginations to run free for a while and stretch its legs.

         “In the past, I used to get caught up in all the heaven and hell bullshit, thinking about heaven being out there somewhere, but maybe all these different dimensions actually exist right here and now, overlapping our physical dimension, but we’re just tuned into this vibrational frequency.”

         “So, what are you trying to say?” asked Steve.

         “What I’m saying is if we can learn how to adjust our vibrational frequency, then we can explore these different dimensions while maintaining our physical bodies and connection to them here on this planet.”

         “Oh, so like an ‘out-of-body’ experience!” said Larry.

         “Exactly right!” replied Bobby.  “We hear about it all the time, mostly involving near death experiences, but there are reports of people being able to leave their bodies during sleep and visiting other people on this planet, as well as other worlds.”

         “So, how do you do it?” asked Steve.

         “I have no fucking clue,” said Bobby.  “But I’m going to find out!”

         “You’re out of your fucking mind!” said Larry.

         “No,” replied Bobby.  “I’m out of my fucking body!”

         The three friends started laughing.  Bobby’s mind was running wild.

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