Popcorn Sales

         Mikey walked up to the house with the big, red door and rang the doorbell.  This was his last stop, then he could go home and play his newest video game.  He had never tried to sell anything to this house before.  It had a strange feel to it and always sent shivers up his spine. 

         The crazy thing is the house didn’t look scary; no, on the contrary, it was actually beautiful with perfect landscaping.  But there was something about it.  Something very odd indeed.

         Mikey could hear footsteps slowly approaching the door.  He nervously waited in anticipation as he heard someone on the other side unlock the door, then turn the doorknob.  The door slowly creaked opened and a little, old lady stood on the other side.

         “Yes?” she greeted him.  She was only slightly taller than him, mainly due to her hunch, created from several years of carrying a heavy burden.  “How may I help you?”

         “Hi, mam.  My name is Mikey and I’m with Cub Scout Troop #69.  We’re selling popcorn to raise money for our annual camping trip.  Would you like to buy some?”

         She stood there for a moment, expressionless.  “Please, come in.”

         Mikey, still a little nervous, walked into the house.  The little, old lady turned around and started walking into the living room.  “Please, follow me.”  Mikey hesitated, then fell in behind her.  They were halfway into the room when Mikey heard the door shut.  He turned around to see who shut the door.  There wasn’t anyone there.  The hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

         “Please, have a seat.  I need to get my purse from the kitchen.”

         Mikey sat down in an oversized chair and waited for the little, old lady to return from the kitchen.  He looked around the room.  What in the hell?  The eyes of every person, in every picture and every painting, were blacked out.  Not as if someone had marked them out, but as if they didn’t exist, as if you were looking straight through them into the underworld.

         The kitchen door opened, startling Mikey and making him jump.  He looked over, his jaw slacking open.  What the…

         In walked a deceivingly, beautiful woman with jet-black hair that fell just below her shoulders.  Her dark eyes froze Mikey in place when he looked at her. 

         “Alright there, Mikey, let’s take a look at what your selling.”  She sat down in the chair next to him, placing her purse on the coffee table. 

         Mikey sat there perplexed, his mouth still hanging open.

         “Come now, we haven’t got all night.”

         Mikey slowly handed the booklet over to her, finally closing his mouth.  She took the booklet and started looking it over.  Mikey stared at her, his mind a jumble and his heart pounding.  He looked away from her and back at the pictures and paintings hanging on the wall.  They all had eyes.  

         What the f…

         He turned back to the woman sitting next to him, sinking back into his chair, creating as much space between them as possible.

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