Kobe’s Reminder

Today’s 500 is not a typical short scene; no, It’s more like a Blog Post, something that’s from my Heart, from my Soul.

Last month, the world experienced a tragic accident that took the lives of Kobe Bryant, one of his daughters, and several others that were aboard a private helicopter.  It was a sudden shock that was felt all over the world

I am sorry to admit it, but I had never been a true Kobe basketball fan, but still, I felt the tragedy of what happened that Sunday, it shook me straight to my core.  I remember turning to Jaclyn and telling her what happened.  She began reading the information online and began to cry.  At that point, I realized just how lucky I was to spend one more day with her, one more day with my daughters.

There were so many different emotions felt by so many different people that day, and the days to follow.  As someone who isn’t close to him or his family, the emotions I felt were of gratitude for being alive, for having a chance to make things right, for having a chance to love all those around me.  More times than not, I take that for granted.

The next day, I started thinking about what it would have been like the final few seconds before it crashed, wondering what would be going through their minds.  I have daughters of my own, and the very act of just imagining the situation, sent me falling out of my chair, curling up into the fetal position and crying uncontrollably for several excruciating minutes, begging God, pleading with the Universe, screaming to Anyone who would hear me, “PLEASE don’t let this be it, PLEASE don’t let this be OVER!”

Then I started imagining what it would have been like to be the close family members and friends, the survivors, who had to begin a new life without them.  All the different emotions overcoming them, all the things they wished they would have done, all the things they wished they would have said.  My heart went out to them; although there was nothing I could do to console them.

And while there’s NOTHING I can do to take their pain away, to make them feel any better; there is ONE thing I can do. 

I can use the tragedy as a reminder; a reminder to do more, to say more, to forgive quickly and to love deeply.  I can use it to stay motivated, to stay disciplined, to be a better person, to give my All to the world.  If there’s anything I can do so their lives weren’t taken without purpose, then that’s it.  That’s the small thing I can do.

I don’t believe in accidents, so to speak.  I believe in purpose, and while I don’t know the ultimate purpose behind the fatal crash, I will create my own purpose, if just for myself. 

So, thank you, Kobe and friends, your lives have made a difference to me, as I’m sure they have made an even bigger impact throughout the world.

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