The Second Coming

         “Jake Cole?” a nurse called out, holding the door open.

         Jake looked up from a magazine he was reading and gave the nurse a small wave of his hand, acknowledging that he was, indeed, Jake Cole.  He placed the magazine on the small table next to his chair and stood up. 

         He followed the nurse into the hallway, then stepped up onto the scale while she took his weight.  182lbs.  Not bad for a 6’1” 32-year-old male.  Then she grabbed what appeared to be a laser gun from a sci-fi movie and rubbed it across his forehead to get his temperature and blood pressure.

         “Ok, Jake, you can head down the hallway and take the second door on your right.  The doctor will be in to see you shortly.”

         Jake followed the nurse’s instructions.  When he got to the room, he hopped onto the patient’s table and let his feet dangle.  The sterilized paper protecting the table from his ailments, crinkled and creaked as he kicked his legs back and forth, patiently waiting.  How long had it been since he had been to the doctor? 

         He was lost in thought when the door opened.  Jake looked up to see the doctor come on.  “Hi, doc.”

         “Hey Jake, how are you doing?” the doctor asked.

         “I’m fine, doc.”

         “That’s good,” the doctor replied.  “So, what seems to be the problem?”

         Jake held his wrists out with his palms facing up, so the doctor could exam them.  The doctor took Jake’s wrists gently in his hands and turned them about to get a better look.

         “So, how long have you had these scars?” the doctor asked.

         “Well…they just appeared…yesterday,” said Jake.

         “Very interesting,” said the doctor.  He took out his single-eyed magnifying glass and had a closer look.  “You say these scars just appeared yesterday?”

         “Yes,” Jake replied.  “Why?  What’s the problem?”

         “Well,” started the doctor.  “These scars are old, very old.”

         “Old?  What do you mean, old?  I told you they just appeared yesterday.”

         “Yes, Jake, these scars are over 2,000 years old,” said the doctor.

         Jake looked at the doctor with an incredulous expression on his face.  “How?  How can this be?” asked Jake.

         The doctor looked Jake intently in the eyes.  “Because, Jake, you are The Second Coming…” and as those words left the doctor’s mouth, he took his index finger and tapped Jake right between his eyes.  What seemed to be thunder without sound, exploded from the doctor’s fingertip, traveled through the center of Jake’s head, and slammed into his third eye.

         Jake fell back from the thunderous tap, his third eye completely wide open.  A euphoric sensation enveloped his entire body as everything came rushing back to him instantaneously: every moment from his previous life over 2,000 years ago; the space between while he was in the All Knowing; the past 32 years of this lifetime; flooded his third eye and combined together in perfect unison; like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle being assembled in a single second.

         “Jesus-Fucking-Christ!” said Jake.

         “That’s right,” replied the doctor.  “You’re Jesus-Fucking-Christ.  Welcome back.”

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