Convenient Store

         Billy and Dale pulled into the parking space of the little, run-down convenient store.  There was only one other car, filling up with gas.  The owner was huddling in her blue coat as a cold breeze whipped through the air.

         “As soon as she’s done…” Billy said to Dale as he watched her through his review mirror.  “In and out.  Nobody gets hurt.”

         The lady in the blue coat hurriedly put the nozzle back into the pump and quickly got back in her car, ready to be free from the wind’s icy bite.  As soon as she started to pull away, Billy turned to Dale, “Let’s go!”

         The two pulled down their ski masks, got out of the car and briskly walked to the entrance.  Billy scanned the lot and roads for any more cars before they headed in, he was a relieved not to find any.

         As soon as Dale walked in the store, he pulled out his gun and aimed it at the clerk, “Get your fucking hands in the air!”  A look of horror froze on her face as she threw her hands up.

         Billy walked past Dale, looking around the store for the office.  He looked at the clerk, “Get your ass out from behind the counter and show me where the fucking back office is!” 

         The terrified clerk came out from behind the counter as tears began rolling down her face, “I don’t have the combination to the safe.  Only the owner knows it.” She said through a quivering voice.

         “Then you better get that fucker on the phone and get it or you’re fucking dead!”  Billy said as he grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved her towards the back of the store.  “Do it, now!”

         The clerk took the cell phone out of her back pocket and dialed the owner.

         Billy turned to Dale, “Get all the money out of the register and keep a look out!”

         Billy walked behind the clerk with his gun pressing to her back as they headed back to the office.  The call was finally answered on the other end, “Hello?”

         “Hello, Steve.” The clerk began but was cut off when Billy grabbed the phone out of her hand and started talking.

         “Look, Steve, I’m not going to ask you twice, give me the combination to the safe or I’m spattering this bitch’s brains all over your fucking office!”

         “Who is this?” Steve replied.

         “Did you not hear what I just fucking said?  The next words out of your mouth better be the fucking combination or you’re going to have a fucking mess to clean up!”

“         Sorry, sorry, yes, just a second.” Steve stammered.

         Upfront, Dale pulled out a bag he had stuck under his coat and emptied the cash register into it.  Then he started looking around for other things to steal.  He noticed all the scratcher tickets and began loading them into his bag as well.  Dale looked up and out into the lot, not a car in sight.  In and out.  Nobody gets hurt.

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