Edmond’s Recital

         The music just seemed to flow through him.  He didn’t know where it came from, he only knew that it entered his mind, then coursed through his body, down to his fingertips and onto the piano keys.  It was an exhilarating feeling, being lost in the moment, in the music.  Time did not exist.  Nothing else mattered at that moment, just the music, the pure feeling of connectedness.

         When the last note finally came to an end, Edmond stood up and looked out into the crowd, every seat was filled in the theater.  For a brief moment, there was nothing but silence.  The space between.  And then the theater erupted in applause, every single person rising out of their seat in total awe of what they had just experienced.  Tears streamed down several faces and smiles were abound.

         Edmond took it all in with one giant breath, then took a long bow in appreciation.  The applause grew louder, while the entire theater came alive with loving energy that brought goosebumps to Edmond’s body.  Edmond had never felt so alive.  To think six months earlier that he had failed at his attempt at suicide, and now this…the space between.

         Edmond stood there, allowing the energy to permeate every cell in his body, took one more bow and then walked off the stage.  When he was no longer in view of the audience, he fell to his knees and started bawling.  Uncontrollable tears streamed down his face as he completely released all the suppressed emotions, he had held onto over the past couple of years.

         Finally, he was free from his torment.  He let go of all of the pain, sadness, and anger he had been harboring, all in that moment.

         The staff gave him room.  They all knew what he had been through.  No one judged, no one thought less of him for breaking down, in fact, they were in awe by the beauty of his music and inspired by his story.  One of the staff members handed Edmond a box of tissues, then walked away, giving him his space and more time to let it all go.  A small tear ran down her cheek.

         Once Edmond was finished, he stood up and a big, beautiful smile spread across his face.  He was no longer in pain but full of love and excitement.  He started hugging all of the staff, briefly holding onto each embrace, allowing his energy to be felt by everyone he held.

         They all congratulated him, letting him know how beautiful his performance was and how deeply they were moved by it.  He was a new man and so was everyone who got to experience his touching performance.  Their worlds would never be the same.  Something truly special had happened that night, something the Universe had been planning for some time now.

         Everything that had led to this night had been beautifully crafted and to think that six months ago, tonight almost didn’t come to pass.  All the sacrifices made, all the variables finally aligning, so that the shift the world needed, could finally come to pass.  She was very proud of Edmond, very proud indeed.

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