The Gift – Part III

Under the tree, you will find a large boulder embedded in the ground.  The top of the boulder is about 3 feet high and has a small bowl-shape that makes for a great place to sit.  Andy walked around the willow until he spotted the boulder.

Using your compass, find north, then walk 10 paces forward.  Andy unshouldered his backpack, took out his compass and small camping shovel.  He opened his compass and found due north, then he began walking the paces, counting them off in his head one by one.  Once he counted off the 10th step, he stood there looking down at the ground, rain falling down hard all around him.  What the hell?

At this point, nothing much could surprise Andy any further; however, staring down at the forest-green grass growing underfoot, he noticed a lighter shade of green grass, actually more yellow than green, that without a doubt, formed the letter “X”.  Lightning flashed overhead and thunder rumbled through the air as if to confirm the thought running through his head, this is the spot.

Andy unfolded the small camping shovel and began to dig.  The rain came down harder and harder, soaking the ground and loosening up the dirt, making it an easier process.  10 minutes passed and Andy had dug a hole about 2 feet around and 3 feet deep, but still hadn’t found anything.  He was beginning to think he should have brought a bigger shovel when he finally hit something hard. 

He got down on his hands and knees and gently shoveled the muddy dirt off the object, working his way over the top of it until he finally made his way to a corner.  He worked his way through the sloppy mud until he reached all four corners, then he began digging around the sides.  Another 10 minutes later and a metal chest about 2 feet long and a foot wide started to appear. 

Andy noticed a handle on the side of the chest.  He began working the mud away from it until he could get his hands around it, then took the handle with both hands and began pulling on the chest.  He could barely get it to budge. 

Andy got down in the hole, placed his legs on either side of the chest, then began pulling with the strength of his legs.  The chest clung to the earth, refusing to be removed from its resting place.  Andy relaxed for a minute, then dug his heels in hard, pulling with all his might, muscles screaming from the resistance of the earth holding onto its Love, not wanting to let go of its treasure. 

Then slowly, the earth began loosening its grip as the chest started sliding out of its tight embrace.  The mud made slurping noises as the chest pulled free and the muddy rainwater fell into the void left behind.

A large lightning bolt flashed in the distance and the pursuing thunder shook the ground when the chest was finally unearthed.  The thunder rumbled for several seconds longer, gently letting the earth know that it was ok to be free from her treasure.  She had held onto it long enough.

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