Behind the Music

        “Oh, that’s beautiful, Michael,” said his grandfather.  “You have a special gift.”

         Michael stopped playing and looked up at his grandfather.  “What do you mean I have a gift?  Where is it?  Can I have it now?”

         His grandfather let out a soft chuckle.  “You already have it, Michael.  It’s right here.”  He placed his hand on Michal’s heart.

         Michael sat staring into his grandfather’s eyes.  They were kind, tender, and loving.  He always felt at home around his grandfather.  There was a special connection between them, something that being eight years old, Michael couldn’t explain, he could only feel.

         “What is it, Papa?  What’s my gift?”


         “Magic, Papa?”

         “Yes, Michael, magic.”

         Michael noticed a twinkle in his grandfather’s eyes when we spoke about magic.  It was powerful, like a magnet, pulling his soul towards his grandfather.  A big smile spread across his grandfather’s face as began explaining.

         “We’re all born with it.  It’s inside of all of us.  It’s inside of everything.”  His grandfather moved his arms in a wide circle as he said everything.  “It’s inside of you, it’s inside of me.  It’s inside the trees, flowers, and animals.  It’s inside this piano,” his grandfather said, placing his hand on it.

         Michael was captivated by his grandfather’s words.  He didn’t quite understand what his grandfather was talking about, but something inside him told him it was true.

         “And the music, especially the music…” his grandfather trailed off as music silently played in his head, caressing his soul.

         “The music, Papa?  There’s magic in the music?” he asked his grandfather.

         The light in his grandfather’s eyes began to grow brighter.  “Here, let me show you.”  His grandfather let his hands hover above the keys.  “Close your eyes, Michael.  Clear your mind and just listen.”

         He let the music flow from his soul to his fingertips.  His hands glided effortlessly across the keys as his fingers found the perfect notes to play.  He didn’t know where the music came from, he didn’t care; he was lost in the moment, lost in the dance between worlds.

         The piano let the magic vibrate from its soul and into the world, blessing them with its beauty.  The music flowed through Michael’s being, touching his heart, stirring up emotions.  The magic took hold of him, unfolding a story to his soul.  A story about falling in love.

         Butterflies fluttered around in Michael’s stomach as the love between soul mates washed over him.  He could see the light in their eyes as they looked at each other.  He could feel the tenderness of their embrace as they held each other close and the softness of their lips when they kissed.  It was magical.

         The music continued telling its story, changing along the way.  Sadness wrapped around Michael’s heart and tore it into pieces as the love that was once there was now lost.  He could feel the anguish and pain of losing the most precious thing in one’s life.  His body trembled as the heartache ate away at his soul.  The pain was unbearable.  He wanted to run away and hide, but he just sat, paralyzed.  His grandfather could feel the energy vibrating from Michael’s body, he was spellbound

        The channel between worlds remained open as his grandfather continued playing; the story wasn’t over.  The best part was about to begin.

        The music shifted once again, increasing in tempo and growing in intensity.  His grandfather swayed on the piano bench as the music’s magic flowed through him; fingers moving imperceptibly fast, finding every note perfectly.

        Michael’s heart became lighter, the sadness went away.  Love came rushing back, sweeping him off his feet, twirling him around and around, until he fell to the ground, dizzy.  She laid on top of him, looking into his eyes, their souls connecting.  He felt a love like never before entering his heart and take hold.  This time it wasn’t letting go, this time it was forever.

        The last note hung in the air, then slowly faded away, making its final resting place in their hearts.  Michael opened his eyes and looked at his grandfather, he was smiling gently at him.  Tears rolled down both their faces.

        “Wow, Papa, you were right.”

        They sat in silence, the moment imprinting itself on their souls.  Michael would never forget that day.

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