Dillon stood in disbelief, trying to comprehend what he had just done.  A voice in his head had told him to run through the wall, and he did it.  Dillon looked at his hands, his body and then back towards the wall he had just passed through.  How was that possible?

         He walked back to the wall and pushed on it with his hands.  It was solid.  Am I dreaming?

         “No, you’re not dreaming,” came the voice in his head.  “You only have a short amount of time before they enter the building and find you.  Run, now!”

         Dillon looked around and realized he was in the stairwell of a building.  He saw the ‘Exit’ sign above a door and ran towards it.  As soon as he began to open the door, he could see the two guys running down the hallway towards him.  Shit!

         He took off running up the stairs, looking around, trying to find an escape route.  When he reached the third floor, he could hear the door start to open from below.  Dillon ducked through the door and ran down the hallway, trying to find the elevator.  People looked in bewilderment as he ran past their offices.

         Finally, Dillon found the elevators.  He pushed the button going down and waited impatiently.  Come on, come on!  He heard the stairwell door start to open.  Shit!  His pursuers burst through the doorway and started running towards him.  Dillon started pushing the elevator button over and over again, hoping it would somehow make it go faster.  He looked down the hallway, watching the men closing the space between them.  Fuck!

         Ding!  The elevator chimed as the door opened.  A man, dressed the same as his pursuers was standing in the elevator.  “Hello, Dillon.”

         What the fuck?

         He was trapped.  The chase was over.  He looked down the hall, they were only 20 feet away, then he looked back at the man standing in the elevator.  Suddenly, Dillon kicked out with all of the strength of his right leg with unbelievable speed and hit the man square in the chest.  The force of the kick sent the man flying back off his feet and crashing into the mirror in the back of the elevator, sending pieces of it flying everywhere.  Dillon quickly pressed the button to the 1st floor, then took off running down the hall to the other stairwell.

         He was imperceptibly fast as if the Universe was allowing him to bend the rules of this physical dimension.  In the blink of an eye, he put 100 yards between them as he headed towards the door.  As he approached the door, a thought came to him to just run through the door, instead of opening it, just like he did with the wall.  Dillon focused his mind on running through the door.  Here we go!

         Wham!  Dillon crashed into the door with a thud, knocking himself to the ground.  Blood started pouring down his face from a cut on his forehead.  He struggled to his feet, trying to shake the dizziness from his head, then opened the door and staggered into the stairwell.

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