Today.  Today is mine.  I’m going to own it.  I’m going to LIVE it!

Today is a blessing, a blessing in disguise.  Today’s blessing is disguised under the shrouds of uncertainty, fear, heartache, and loneliness.  But, ALL of those are only an illusion; they aren’t real, they aren’t true.  Because when you remove the shroud and look at what’s underneath, what you’ll find is certainty, love, joy, and togetherness.  That’s what’s real.  That’s what’s true.

Certainty.  Certainty that I’m ALIVE; that WE are ONE.  Certainty that I possess the POWER to overcome ALL obstacles placed before me.  Certainty that the Universe will conspire in OUR favor; that She is ALWAYS there watching over us, helping us, guiding us, EVEN when She’s in disguise.

Love.  Love is the ONLY thing that exists.  It’s where we came from, where we’re going back to; it’s what we’re supposed to be DOING here.  Love builds.  Love creates.  It’s the foundation of EVERYTHING.  Love picks us up when we are down and makes us humble when we’re on top.  Love conquers ALL.  Love NEVER fails

Joy.  Joy in knowing that true love exists; that I am capable of loving with ALL my heart and soul.  Joy in knowing that the more I GIVE, the more the world will receive.  The joy in knowing that I have absolutely AMAZING FRIENDS.  The joy I see in my daughters’ eyes; the joy I feel in my daughters’ hearts.  There is absolutely NOTHING that can take that JOY away.  It is always THERE, and it ALWAYS will be.

Togetherness.  WE are ONE.  We are CONNECTED to everything, and EVERYTHING is connected to US.  We can NEVER be separated, even in isolation.  We are vibrational beings and we’re constantly sending out vibrations of togetherness out into the Universe.  If we will all take a minute and quiet our minds, quiet our hearts, and quiet our souls, we can feel the vibrations; the vibrations of love, joy, and togetherness.  Together we are UNITED.  Together we are STRONG.  Together our LOVE will SAVE US ALL.

I will no longer sit idly by, worrying about what the future holds; being paralyzed by fear.  For now, I KNOW the truth, and the truth has set me FREE!  Free to LIVE; to live this VERY DAY to the fullest, with all of my heart, all of my soul, and all of my love.

TODAY, I’m going to be STRONG.  Today, I’m going to LOVE unselfishly.  Today, I’m BECOMING a better ME.  Today, I’m going to love my daughters with all my heart and soul.  Today, I’m going to send my family and friends love, hugs and kisses through the Universe.  Today, I’m giving ALL of my soul to the world.

Today, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  So, TODAY, I will LIVE like there’s NO tomorrow!  Today, I’m going to allow my heart to be FULL.  Fuck trying to figure everything out!  LIVE.  Just live.  Live with my heart overflowing with love, joy, and happiness. 

Today, I’m going to LIVE!  Today, I’m going to LOVE!  Today, I’m going to GIVE MY ALL!  Today, I’m going to make a DIFFERENCE!

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