The Look

         That look.  That’s all he needed.  A reminder that she was his and he was hers.  A reminder that their love for each other was stronger than anything this world could do to destroy it.  Even, if in this physical lifetime they couldn’t be together, just knowing how deep their unconditional love was for each other brought joy to his heart and a smile to his face.

         This wasn’t some fairytale romance or some forbidden love that made the bond between them exciting!  No, this was the truest sense of pure, unconditional love between two Souls.  This was the type of love our world was built upon.  The reason we even created this world.

         His love for her was like electricity, continually flowing through his veins, giving everything he came into contact with the energy it needed to come alive.  It wasn’t something he had to create, it was effortless, it just existed, like it had always been there and would always be there.

         Jesse stood there captured by her gaze, lost in her eyes, wishing the moment would never end.  Time stood still, if only for a few seconds.  No words were exchanged, there was no need for them, for when Souls are connected, words get in the way.

         They stood there peering into each other’s Souls, letting their love swell inside their bodies, until it extended outside their corporal selves, entangling into an embrace that existed outside this physical dimension

         And then, as quickly as it had begun, the moment was over.  Jill broke eye contact to address her daughter’s call.  “I’m sorry sweetie, what was that?”

         “Mom, can we get Captain Crunch this time?” asked little Suzie, holding up a box of the sugar-fueled cereal.

         “That’s my favorite,” said Jesse.  He gave Suzie a little wink and a big smile.

         “Mine too!” replied Suzie.

         “Ok, I’ll let you get it this time, but next time let’s try to pick out something a little healthier.”  Jill turned back to Jesse, shaking her head and rolling her eyes as if to say, ‘I can’t believe I just did that.’

         Jesse shrugged his shoulders in reply, a sheepish grin on his face.  “Sorry.” 

         He was so close to her.  All he had to do was reach out and he could actually touch her, but he knew he couldn’t.  He stood there, spellbound by her gaze.  “Wow, how long has it been?”

         “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Jill responded.  Indeed, it had been a while, at least two months. 

         Two months, seventeen days, six hours and forty-three seconds to be exact.  Jesse had no idea how it knew that, but he did.  His Soul kept track of the time they were apart, anticipating when they would see each other again.  And, in those instances when their paths finally did cross, it was like time had never passed, like it had stood still, just for them.

         “Yes, it has,” replied Jesse.  “Way too long.”

         Jesse stood there, taking her all in.  Every detail of her face, the curves of her figure, the flow of hair – imprinting it all into his soul, for he didn’t know when their next encounter would come.

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