The Coffee Shop

        The air was unusually silent and still.  Something didn’t feel right, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  He sat there allowing uneasiness to wash over him.  His gut was telling him to run, but his curiosity was begging him to stay. 

        He should have run.

         He continued to read his book, while he slowly sipped on his coffee.  The back of the coffee shop was dimly lit where he was sitting, it added to the mood of the book he was reading.  He was engrossed in his novel, only breaking away for a casual sip of his coffee and to let his eyes adjust from the strain of the low lighting.

         All of a sudden, goosebumps started to form all over his body and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end.  He looked up from his book and noticed a beautiful, blonde hair woman walking towards him.

         He was captivated by her beauty.  She wore a grey skirt that went down to her knees and a red, button-down blouse.  Her clothes were closely fitted, showing off her perfect figure.  Her loosely-curled, blonde locks bounced gently as she continued to saunter towards him.

         Run!  Run!  His mind was screaming at him, but he was paralyzed, couldn’t move, couldn’t break his stare from her sultry, blue eyes.  She walked right up to him with an air of confidence, typically not found in most women.

         “Mind if I sit here?” she asked, motioning to the comfy lounge chair directly across from him.

         “Uh, sure…I mean…no, I don’t mind if you sit there,” he stammered.

         Run!  Get the fuck out of here!

         She sat down on the plush, lounge chair and placed her coffee on the small table that sat between them.  Everything she did was elegant, sexy, alluring.  She crossed her legs, leaned back in the chair and looked up at him.  Her eyes were a deep blue, like a swimming pool you could dive into.  Her ruby red lips spread into a seductive grin, then slowly grew into a mesmerizing smile, showing her perfect white teeth.

         “So, what are you reading?” she asked.

         “Oh, I’m great,” he replied.  “I mean…I’m reading a novel by a relatively unknown author.”

         “Interesting.  What’s his name?”

         “His pen name is David Wallace,” he replied.

         “What’s his real name?”

         “No one knows.  He’s very secretive.  Keeps his personal life to himself.”

         “Oh, kind of like Batman,” she said.  “Very mysterious.”

         She broke eye contact with him and looked over to her left.  He was relieved to be free from her entrapping gaze and used the moment to take a sip of his coffee.  He sat his mug back down on the table and hesitantly looked back up into her eyes.

         What the fuck?  He slowly leaned back into his chair, trying to put as much space in between them as possible without making it noticeable.  Her eyes were now a vibrant shade of emerald-green.

         Maybe it’s the lighting? he thought to himself.

         She looked down to pick up her coffee, then brought her gaze back to his, while she took a sip.

         No, it’s not the lighting!

         He sat frozen in his chair, staring into her eyes, which had turned into a deep shade of red.

         Get the fuck out of here now!  But he couldn’t move.  It was as if his body had turned to stone.

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