Snow Day

         Little Bobby woke up to an unusually colder bedroom that morning.  His blanket was nice and warm, and it made it difficult to crawl out of bed.

         Normally, his mother would be pestering him to get up and get ready for school, but she hadn’t that morning.  Curious, Bobby decided to venture out from underneath the warm blanket to find out what was going on.  When his feet touched the hardwood floor, it sent a cold chill up his spine.  Yikes!  That’s cold.

         Bobby saw his slippers laying on the other side of the bedroom and rushed across the floor to put them on.  Ah, that feels much better.

         He walked into the dining room where his father was sitting at the table, reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee.  His father looked up from his paper when Bobby walked in.  “Good morning, son.”

         “Hey, dad.”

         “Did you notice outside, yet?” his father asked with a small grin on his face.

         “No, why?” Bobby replied, as he looked towards the dining room window.

         The window had frost all along the base, due to the freezing temperatures outside.  And outside, the freezing temperatures created something else…

         “Snow!” Bobby exclaimed!  “It’s snowing!  Yay, no school!”

         Bobby rushed to the window to have a closer look outside.  He placed his nose on the window, ignoring the cold glass.  Huge snowflakes were coming down hard.  The snow had covered everything; the ground, sidewalks, streets, trees and bushes.  It was beautiful.  There weren’t any footprints or tracks from any cars.  It was just one huge blanket of snow and it was still coming down.  It was truly a winter wonderland and little Bobby couldn’t wait to go play in it.

         Bobby’s mother had just finished making breakfast.  “Now, come dear and eat your breakfast.  Then you and your brother can go out and play.”

         Bobby sat down and gobbled up his scrambled eggs and toast as fast as he could.  He couldn’t wait to be outside.

         He rushed off to his bedroom to get dressed, throwing off his pajamas, letting them lay wherever they landed.  He put on his long-johns, then jeans and a warm shirt over them, followed by his coveralls.  He grabbed his Spiderman stocking cap and put it on his head, the little puff-ball falling to the side, then snatched his gloves and headed to the front door.

         “Wait just a minute,” his mother called out to him.  She walked over to him, holding a scarf.  “You need to wear this too.  It’s bitterly cold out there.”  His mother wrapped the scarf around his neck and then opened the door for him, pushing back a pile of snow as she swung the door open.  The wind blew snow through the open door, making his mother shiver, as Bobby bounded outside and into a marshmallow world.

         Snowflakes fluttered down, sticking to Bobby’s clothes, gloves and hat.  Bobby raised his face to the sky and stuck out his tongue, trying to catch snowflakes as they fell.

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