First Date

         They sat across from each other, the candlelight providing a soft glow around their table.  Music played lightly in the background.  He came across as shy, but when he spoke, she could hear the confidence in his voice.  That confidence only made his extremely good looks that much more attractive.

         His dark brown hair was combed back perfectly, not a hair out of place.  His sultry brown eyes burned right through her, trapping her in a hypnotic gaze.  A five o’clock shadow rested upon his perfect jawline, giving him that rugged, outdoor look.  And that smile!  Those pearly-whites would light up the room when he showed them, they took any bad feelings you might have and melted them away.  And all of this, sat upon an athletic, 6’ 2” frame, with chorded muscles showing through the hooded sweater he was wearing.

         You had me at, “let’s get those fucking clothes off of you!”

         Kim sat there staring at him, while he looked over the menu.  Blake looked up from the menu, catching her stare. 

         “What?” he asked, a half-smile coming to his handsome face, one corner curling up and causing that eye to squint as if giving her a wink.

         “Uh…nothing,” Kim said, feeling a little embarrassed about getting caught in the moment.  “I was just lost in thought.”

         “Oh, yeah?  What were you thinking about?”

         About all the naughty things I’m going to do to you after dinner…

         “Oh, nothing,” Kim replied.  She broke their gaze and started going over the menu.  Blake’s half-grin broke into a full smile, knowing the silly little games women play.  He pretended to look over the menu, already knowing what he was going to order; he had other thoughts on his mind.

         This is going to be easier than I thought.  Blake knew exactly what she was thinking.  Right Now, he knew her better than she knew herself.  He was a pro at this game.  He spent his entire life practicing every aspect of it.  There was no one better.  He had never suffered a loss.  Sure, sometimes the competition was fierce, and other times it was more like an exhibition.  Kim was an exhibition.

         The waiter came by and took their order.  Kim enjoyed her wine, and he sipped on his old fashion while they waited on their food.  They bantered playfully back and forth, sharing stories of their pasts, and eluding to the future…of that night.

         A brief pause came between their conversation.  They sat there staring gently into each other’s eyes, both of them with completely different thoughts running through their minds. 

         Blake excused himself and headed to the bathroom.  He finished his business, washed his hands and stood there staring at himself in the mirror, thinking about how the night was going to end.  Normally, he didn’t waste his time on exhibitions anymore.  He enjoyed the thrill of true competition, he relished in it, it made it so much more enjoyable; however, it had been way too long…

         Tonight, I need a kill!

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