Writer’s Block

         The clouds were slowly rolling in on that Sunday afternoon as he sat at his desk to write.  It was a beautiful day and while he didn’t really feel like writing, he dug in and let his thoughts flow down into his fingertips.  So many distractions that day, football, golf and the sleepiness that lingered in his body.

         Goddamn it, why didn’t I just write this morning when I first woke up?

         There were days when writing was easy and there were days when writing was hard.  Today, was one of those hard days.

         He settled in his seat, took a deep breath and went within.  Nothing.  He began typing anyway, just to get the flow of his mind and fingers working together.  At first, it seemed like he was writing just a bunch of gibberish, and then a strange thing happened.  From weeks and weeks of sitting down and writing, his subconscious started to take over, a story started to form in his mind and the words started to flow onto the screen.  Yes.  At first, the words were coming slowly and then they started to pick up speed.

         He was almost finished with his first page when a sound like thunder boomed outside.  What the hell was that?

         He got up from his desk and walked outside.  There wasn’t any sign of a thunderstorm nearby.  Where the hell did that sound come from? he thought to himself as he stood outside looking up at the sky.

         Boom!  Thunder rumbled through the sky and shook the ground.  What in the hell? he stood, dumbfounded.  What in the world is going on?

         Several of his neighbors came out of their houses as well, looking up into the sky, trying to figure out what was going on.

         He heard rustling coming from the wooded area across the street.  A coyote came darting out heading towards him.  Then a fox, a deer, raccoons, skunks.  Creatures of all shapes and sizes came bolting out of the woods.  At first, he thought they were coming to attack him, but as they got closer, they broke to either side of his house trying to getaway.  What are they running from?  Animals kept pouring out of the woods, running past him, trying to escape from something. 

         He looked back up into the air and noticed birds.  Birds of all sorts flying in the same direction as the animals running on the ground.  The birds didn’t fly in formation, nor did they stay within their flock.  They all flew…together…trying to getaway.

         Suddenly, another sound like thunder, boomed through the sky, shaking the ground, almost knocking him off his feet.  Then, an explosion erupted several miles away, sending smoke rolling into the air in the distance.  Then another explosion and another.  What the fuck is going on?

         All of his neighbors began freaking out, each shouting at their family members to get in the car.  He watched in bewilderment, not sure how to react.

         He turned away from the chaos, walked back into the house, sat back down at his computer and began to write.  Not today, Resistance, I will finish my “500 crappy words”!

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