The Little Things

         To most people, dropping the kids off at school is just one of those annoying, little tasks they have to perform before they can grab their Starbucks and make it to the office 5 minutes late, but for Stephen, it was one of the best parts of his day.  The car ride, to and from school, was something he cherished.

         His daughters got into the car, backpacks, lunches and Trapper Keepers in tow; buckled their seatbelts and immediately jumped on their phones. 

Let’s see, Willow Radio or Broadway Showtunes?  Stephen made his selection, put the car in reverse and started backing out of the driveway.

         “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman started playing on the radio.  Damnit, not this one!  Stephen thought.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like the song, it was just that it brought him to tears almost every time he heard it.  Come on Stephen, you can do this!

         His oldest daughter started singing along to it from the backseat.  She had an amazing voice and he loved listening to her sing.  His youngest daughter rolled her eyes at her sister and began to look back down at her phone when she exclaimed, “Dad, are you crying?”

         “What?  No, of course not,” Stephen replied as he wiped a couple of tears from his cheeks.  Busted!  Stephen didn’t know why, but his youngest daughter loved catching him crying.  She broke into a big grin, then went back to her phone.

         “I Dreamed a Dream” was the next song that came up.  Nope, next!  “Seasons of Love” from Rent. 

         Ok, fuck this, I need something where I can maintain my composure.  Willow, you’re up!  Stephen switched the station and had a sigh of relief when “Waves of Nature” came on the radio.  He looked over at his youngest in the passenger seat and then his oldest through the review mirror and caught them both bobbing their heads to the beat.  A smile spread across his face that he did his best to hide.

         Stephen’s heart overflowed with Love as he Let Go of all the unnecessary bullshit, he sometimes let overwhelm him, and focused on the Little Things that meant so much More.  He enjoyed this time immensely, especially knowing that in just a few, short months he wouldn’t be driving his daughters to school anymore.

         He pulled up to the first stop and dropped off his youngest.  “Have a super awesome day!” he said.

         “I will!  Love you!”

         “Love you too,” he replied.

         His oldest daughter switched into the front seat.  They chatted about school, show choir and the varsity football team as they drove to the high school.  He loved the way she was so enthusiastic about her school, how much school spirit she embodied.  He knew how quickly that time flew by and was happy to see his daughter fully engaged in her school and fellow classmates.

         Stephen looked over at his daughter’s ripped up jeans, “Drop you off at the gymnasium?” he asked.

         “Yes, please.” 

She grabbed her stuff and opened the car door to leave.  “Love you!”

         “Love you too!” he replied. 

         Stephen drove off feeling full of Love, Joy, and Happiness.  He took all of those feelings he got from the car ride with his daughters and did his best to give it back to the world.  It’s the Little Things that do make a difference, he thought to himself.

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